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Hey guys,


it's been a rough time since the UGX Donor beta of Requiem.


First of all, huge apologize about the rough start and delay of the beta and to those who can't start, authenticate, use or download Requiem.

I'm working asap on all known major issues.

If you have an issue with authentication contact me over

I try to respond asap. ( But please give me a bit time, it's currently a rough situation )


If you have issues, take a look at this: Known Issues and limitations


I'm working currently on fixes for all known issues ( especially the crash of the application )

As soon as all major issues have been resolved and everything calmed down a bit it will be time for improvements and additions to the UGX Launcher

( be sure to check the  UGX Launcher Dashboard: during this messy situation it's currently outdated )


I'm looking forward to resolve all issues as soon as possible.

One personal appeal

  • If you have an crash, give me at least a small description what happened.
  • If you notice an issue in the UGXL Installer contact me as well ( details are above )
  • If you have found and issue in the UGX Launcher, please, use the Report tool on the bottom left corner (more info: How to report a Bug or Feedback)


Thats it so far, be ready for the next hotifx soon.

Have a great weekend and hopefully some great time with UGX Requiem (wink)


  • Alexander 'Delta' Diller
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