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Update instructions

Apperently the updater has an issue, to fix this, choose one of these options below before you update

( otherwise the update will fail with an error )

Option 1: Remove <root>\Resources\themes\default\fonts\BebasNeue.ttf

Option 2: Uninstall & (Re)Install with UGX Installer.

Option 3: Or restart your computer and retry ( Not sure about this, might work! )


This issue won't happen again with further updates.

Thanks for your understanding.


Hey guys,


quick personal update update:

Apperently I'm really busy. So maintaining the UGX Launcher is currently really hard. ( and time consuming )


As you might have noticed already, a new update is available. ( hotifx 4 )

I hope that this is the last hotfix.^^ - Please keep sending crashes now again, so I can see if they are gone.



Unofficial changelog of hotfix 4
fixed many crashes during game start & end
fixed a couple of memory leaks.
various fixes for the self updater.


As soon as I have time i'll cleanup JIRA and make a proper roadmap and introduce new features and improvements over the next weeks (wink)


Thanks for your patience and happy gaming!





 Alexander 'Delta' Diller

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