UGX Launcher We are updaing the UGXL Documentation! The old UGX Launcher Documentation prior v0.8.0 can be found here!
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Hello guys,

a new version of the UGX Launcher just went live.


The major install / remove bug is gone ( big sorry, was added unnoticed in last update )

As of now - a proper changelog is still in progress and will be most likely ready once UGX Launcher v0.51 donor beta is out.

UGX Launcher hotfix 5 changelog
UGX Launcher window can be better moved around now
Added window mode for waw option in settings
Improved scrollable windows
Improved theme API
Added TaskIcon


The next updates will improve the visual look and there will be some new additions & improvements.

As awlays, check to see what's going on (wink)


AS of now, I hope everyone can enjoy their winter holidays well (heart)

( And don't spent too much into the steam winter sales =D )



Greetings from Leipzig,


Alexander 'Delta' Diller

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