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With the UGX Launcher it's possible to create & sort maps into custom groups.

Each group is identified with a custom group name.


You can create and order maps into groups.

Please note that the maps in the group will order themselves according to the selected sort filters in Map View!

How it works:

You get different context menu actions depending on where you right click.

  • You can right click on an map item
  • You can right click on a group to collapse / expand it ( or simply a left mouse double click )
    • For custom groups you can
      • Remove it ( all maps inside will be moved to their default group )
      • Rename it
      • Change its position ( custom groups order only )
  • You can also right click on an empty space of the tree list  ( or on the area where the Search, Sort & Filter elements are ) to...
    • create a new group
    • expand / collapse all groups

Group order

Please note: the group order is fixed for default groups!

Custom Group(s) (highest)Groups created by the user, with any maps they added to it.
Made by UGXMaps made by the UGX Mods Team, available through UGXPLAY / UGX Launcher
Made by CommunityMaps made by the Community which have not been placed into custom groups, available through UGXPLAY / UGX Launcher
Local Maps (lowest)Maps found locally installed on your computer which aren't available in UGXPLAY / UGX Launcher


To add a map to a group, simply right click on it, select "Add to group" and then either select an already created group or choose "Create new group"

You can't add a map to any of the default groups - they will be automatically placed in the proper default group if they aren't in a custom one!


Sort multiple groups

If you have multiple custom groups, you can order them how you like it.

Simply right click the group header to open the group context menu.


Collapse / Expand Groups



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