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Experimental Feature

This Feature is still experimental


The UGX Launcher supports a custom mods folder for Call of Duty: World at War.

That means that you can save space on your Windows (default, C:\) drive because you don't have to use the AppData folder forced by CoDWaW for mod installation.

To change your mods folder, open the Settings and go on CoD WaW.

There you can select a custom mods folder. UGX Launcher will open CoDWaW with special launch parameters to tell it the location of your custom mods folder. If you open CoDWaW separately from UGX Launcher it will not find your custom mods folder!

Once the mods folder change

After you change your mods folder, you need to restart the UGX Launcher.

It will take a bit until it's closed, because it will move any existing mods to the new directory!

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