UGX Launcher We are updaing the UGXL Documentation! The old UGX Launcher Documentation prior v0.8.0 can be found here!

The Download Manager is basically the heart of the UGX Launcher.


Now, you can download multiple maps simultaneously*, set the download order, pause / resume or cancel individual downloads.

The downloads can also be resumed after restarting the computer or the application.


It will also display detailed information like download speed and estimated download time.

*Only for UGX-Mods Donators

Please note that simultaneous downloading of up to 3 full speed downloads is only available to UGX-Mods Donators.

You can get Donator Status by making a Donation


Network Information

The top displays various information about the total downloads.


Total Speed will display the current speed of all downloads ( total download speed )

Total size will display the current and total download size. The size which needs to be downloaded is in the brackets right next to it.

Duration will display the estimate time how long it takes to download all maps. Next to it is the progress bar of all downloads.

Network graph is next to the network information and visualize your download speed over the last 30 seconds.


More Information

Check out the How to access and use the Download Manager guide for more information.

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