UGX Launcher We are updaing the UGXL Documentation! The old UGX Launcher Documentation prior v0.8.0 can be found here!
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Install UGX Launcher


Be sure to check out the Known Issues and limitations!
  1. System Requirements
    1. You need Windows Vista or later!

  2. Download & execute the UGX Launcher - Installer (UGXLIN)
  3. Install the UGX Launcher
  4. Start the UGX Launcher and log in with your UGX-Mods Account credentials.


Community help

You want to help and improve the UGX Launcher?

Then take a look at the Community Contributions

On this page:

Getting Started


Top 10 FAQ

coming soon!

More in the full FAQ




The UGX Launcher Development Dashboard has a great overview to know exactly what's going on.

For more information check out Development.