UGX Launcher We are updaing the UGXL Documentation! The old UGX Launcher Documentation prior v0.8.0 can be found here!
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After the successful Install of the UGX Launcher, it's time to use it.

Once you start the UGX Launcher, it might find a new version and therefore update itself.


All updates are mandatory, therefore the program will not launch until it is allowed to update itself when any are available.

Currently the application also requires an internet connection for authentication with the UGX Masterserver.

Therefore the Offline Mode is not enabled yet!


If the UGX Launcher is up-2-date it should show an authentication dialog.

Closed Alpha / Donor beta

You get only access to the UGX Launcher if you are an UGX Forum Donator (or UGX Staff)

Enter your UGX-Mods Forum Username and Password to log in to the UGX Launcher.

(They are the same account information as you would log into the UGX-Mods Forum !)

Security information

Please note that we take privacy (data) seriously and do our best to protect it.

If you want to know more please consider reading the Privacy Policy in the Legal section.


Successful Authentication

If Authentication to the UGX Masterserver was successful and the UGX Launcher is up-2-date you should see the main screen of the UGX Launcher now.

Per default, the "Home" tab is active and should display the website.

Please note that there are restriction with this web browser, so you can't visit any site with it. (This not meant to be a full web browser replacement!)

If you want to access disallowed sites, it won't work and it will be opened your default browser instead!

Next Steps

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