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This guide will explain in detail how to report a Bug or give Feedback ( criticism, suggestion, ... )

You should take a look at the Crash Reporter if you want to know how to report an application crash (or what exactly happens and what user data is gathered)


How to open the Community Report Window

This can be achieved by two ways.

First way would be the key combination: ALT + R to open the report issue / feedback window.

Or simply click on the "Report Issue / Feedback" within the application (located in the upper button row of the UGX Launcher window)

How to sent the report

First of all, select the type (Feedback or BUG / Issue)

Then simply fill in all needed information.


Please be as detailed as possible, otherwise it might take longer to reproduce / understand your issue.

What data will be gathered once you sent it:

  • Your current IP Address (to avoid spam)
  • Your forum UID and forum username (to avoid spam and recognize you as a valid reporter)
  • Operating System Information
    • OS Name (Like Windows 7)
    • OS Architecture (32bit or 64bit)
  • Optional, but maybe very helpfull data ( you can decide it )
    • Your CPU Name & Type (Like Intel 7 Quad Core)
    • Your RAM (Like 16 GB RAM)
    • A screenshot of the issue
    • Your Anti-Virus software
    • Your Firewall settings / software

We respect your Privacy

Please note, we take your privacy seriously and we try to do our best to keep this sensitive data secure and anonymous!

We will only use this data to improve our applications! Please refer to our Privacy Policy in the Legal section for more information.


Once you sent a report, you should get a confirm dialog which gives you an issue key and a link to the issue back.

Visit it frequently ( you should get an e-Mail once the ticket gets updated ) and ( as soon as registration is possible! | currently disabled! ) respond to any questions regards your issue.



JIRA is our project management software, which makes our work as a developer easier.

We want that YOU take part in our journey and help us out. As a reward, we can respond faster to your issue and

hopefully also implement a proper solution for you fast enough.


Explaining JIRA in detail would be too much and is for you as a normal forum user not needed.


First of all, to follow development progress actively, all you need is to go on the UGX Launcher Dashboard,

located here:

This pages shows all important information to rapidly understand whats going on and when the next version will be released.


 The JIRA Project can be viewed here: