UGX Launcher We are updaing the UGXL Documentation! The old UGX Launcher Documentation prior v0.8.0 can be found here!

The UGX Launcher offers a variety of settings to customize program behavior.



Settings in Detail

UGX Account


Displays various information about your UGX-Mods Account.

Quick links to your Profile and Account.

You can change the UGX Launcher Update Mode to take part in Beta releases etc which you have been allowed access to. For more information check out the Update Mode page.



Change the Appearance of the UGX Launcher by selecting your preferred theme. UGX Launcher currently only has one default theme but more may become available later from the community!

To create a custom theme, check out the Community Contributions and How to create a custom Theme documentation.

Advanced Mode is currently not available yet!


Besides setting a custom installation path here it also possible to set a Custom WaW Mods Folder.

You can also change launch settings for World at War - currently only the windowed mode is supported but more parameters will be added in the future.



The network settings offer great flexibility for how UGX Launcher operates:


Set your proxy configuration. Per default the UGX Launcher is using the System defined settings.


Download Folder

Set a custom download folder for file downloads. (Map, Mods, Images, etc.)


Resume downloads on application start

If enabled, the UGX Launcher will remember downloads from the Download Manager and will continue them after the UGX Launcher starts again.


Preferred Download Mirror

In the future when we have more servers, you will be able to select your preferred download mirror here for faster locale-specific downloading.

The UGX Launcher will determine the closest/best server for you based on your location automatically in the future.


Max download speed & parallel downloads

Benefits of the UGX-Mods Donor Status

Only UGX-Mods Donators can download up to 3 maps simultaneously and use the full speed. Regular users are limited to 1 map download at a time and limited download speeds.


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