Installing the UGX Launcher is extremely easy.

Please report issues

If you notice that something is wrong, or you found a bug please report it.

Take a look at Community Contributions and it's sub page How to report a BUG or Feedback

Manual Upgrade


The latest update to the UGX Launcher broke the auto-updater. You need to perform the update manually by following these steps:

  • Download and start the UGX Installer as described below.
  • Choose Uninstall UGX Launcher and hit next. (Be sure that the UGX Launcher is not running while you do this!)
  • Remove your settings as well!
  • Now execute the UGX Installer again and install it as usual. (follow guide below)

We apologize for this inconvenience.


Simply download the latest version of the UGX Installer and run it.

Just follow the Install Wizard and if everything succeeds the UGX Launcher is properly installed and can be started.

Install instuctions step-by-step


Open the UGX Installer after you downloaded it and select your Installation Language.


Accept the Agreement by first scrolling down to the bottom of the document and then checking the accept checkbox.

(The online version can be found here: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in the Legal section)



Verification will validate if your PC can install the UGX Launcher.

It will do a Security Applications check, to ensure the best experience for you.

The online check is required, because the UGXL Installer will download the latest version of the UGX Launcher.

The last step, Runtime Check, will make sure that the needed dependencies are installed.



If you don't have, as in the image above, a green online / success message

  • Check your internet connection
  • Check if www.ugx-mods,com can be opened
  • If both points above work - it could be in maintenance mode ( no downloads allowed )


Install Type

Select your preferred install type.

If you choose "Custom installation" you get some more options before the installation process starts.

Custom Install Options

( on this image you can see the parent error, mentioned above ( red warning text ) )


Select a directory, or use the default one, it should look like this then

If you install the UGX Launcher for all users every user will have the settings applied.

You can enable / disable the Start Menu Entry. UGX-Mods recommends to keep this option checked (= create Start Menu Entry)


Confirm will show you what you selected


Now download it...


The files will be now extracted to the install directory

after installation, we run a firewall check and ask for Firewall Whitelisting to improve your experience.





After the Installation

After installation, if you execute the UGX Launcher Installer again, it will recognize the installation and offer Uninstall and Modify.


Further Information & Troubleshooting

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