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Date13 June 2016
Getting issues...
Versionv0.8.0-rc.1 (rev7, build 115)
Version ModeDeveloper / Internal


Preview version for final testing.

Merge from the UGXL theme to UGXLIN

Final layout (improvements)

Added Security Applications check

Important highlights from this release

  1. Final theme
  2. Improved: a lot (smile)
  3. Security Applications check
  4. Final About

All tickets for this release

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Very important

In interest of time UGXLIN had no unit tests yet! That means it might could have critical bugs which could potentionally delete files or folders which were not part of the installation!

The uninstall step was tested multiple times and is most likely to work.
During cancel or in "Install Options" a path change, while a custom folder was created, will result in a cleanup by the application, where it tries to remove the folders wich were created by the "Resolve: create directory" button.

I highly recommend to test this steps on a Virtual Machine to avoid any potentional data loss! (To my knowledge it would only remove anything if the folder is empty)

Note I didn't find any issues during heavy testing. But I didn't checked for anything weird!


I need super mega heavy testing on UGXL - preferred on VM's with different OS (32 bit / 64 bit) and different states (with runtime, without runtime, ...) and install pathes, etc.!

Take a look at the QA documents:

Internal: Quality Assurance Guidelines

Public: Debugging of UGXLIN

Known issues

There are no known issues to me.

Whats next?

Final testing and the we have Closed Beta state!