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This is a W.I.P. page that'll contain various points related to the dedicated server usage for Black Ops 3.


  • Executing your own config:
    1. Appending the launch parameter with your config
      1. [Official Way]
        1. Add a config here: UnrankedServer\identities\dedicatedpc\main\gamedata\configs\common\gametype_settings\myconfig.cfg
        2. In under each individual playlist you can add your own config for that playlist by doing: config myconfig
          1. playlist 1
          2. config myconfig
          3. ....
          4. playlist 2
          5. config myconfig2
          6. etc.
      2. [Non-official Way]
        1. In Launcher_Server.bat add +exec <config> to the end of your parameters and include the config in your server's zone folder.
        2. To not edit the batch file just include default_dedicated.cfg in your server's zone folder.
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