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Black Ops 3 has a new asset called scriptbundles which seems to be used to automate scripted tasks, mainly fx and animation playing. However, you can also play animations manually by following this page.

Preparing your animation

First you need to import your custom animation by following the page BO3 | Adding custom animations.


You need to precache your animation in your script using the following line:

Adding animtree (atr) & xaim to zone file

Add your atr file and xanim to your map's zone csv located at root/usermaps/yourmap/zone_source/ by opening it with a Text Editor and adding the line:


Run Linker

To compile your xanim and save your changes, run Link compile from Launcher at least once.

Playing your animation

To play your animation on a script model, you simply use the AnimScripted() function:

#precache( "xanim", "yourAnimFileName");
function test()
	model = getEnt("model", "targetname");
	model useanimtree(#animtree);
	model AnimScripted( "optionalNotify", model.origin , model.angles, %yourAnimFileName);