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To view a list of all enumerated weapons that are loaded into the game we can use the console to help us.

  1. Start the game.
  2. Load the map and/or mod.
  3. Open the console and type this command to show all channels for the console: /con_channelshow *;logfile 1 (exactly like this as ; is a separate for the console to parse the next block as a new input for the console)
  4. Next type /listassetpool 23
  5. Let the game process all the assets then we can exit the game.
  6. Go to your Black Ops III root folder and find the map and/or mod we were in and locate the console_mp.log.
  7. Upon opening the log you'll see the output of all the weapon assets that are loaded b the game. Note:  All of non-gamemode weapons will not work i.e. trying to give yourself ar_marksman_cp you need to one that's loaded for your gamemode specifically.
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