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The CKEditor is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor.

On we use it for almost all text areas where user can write data rich content with formatting and media element functionality.

UGX-Mods offers custom additions to enhance the usability and feature set.

How to use it

The core documentation can be viewed here:

One extra worthy mention is the magic line. (

If you want to insert a new line and write at a certain position (like after a block quote) you must first focus the editor (click inside the text area) and the move your mouse to the place where you want your newline.

red line with the handle () will appear. You have to click this handle to create a new line at this position!

Buttons Explained

Known Issues

The editor will crash if there is an error, we highly recommend to copy the content if possible and reload.
Hopefully the auto recovery kicked early enough in and you can continue your work. In a bad case you might need to start from scratch again.

Please report any issues you encounter - only with reports we can investigate and further improve the editor!!

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