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The following agreement applies to the UGX Launcher (UGXL) and UGXL Installer (UGXLIN) and in general to all Applications & Services which are part of this Closed Beta.


The UGX Launcher Closed Beta is currently only for the chosen "Beta Testers".
These "Beta Testers" were specifically sent an invitation into the beta program by UGX-Mods.
If you did not receive this invitation, you are not a chosen "Beta Tester"!

  • You are not allowed to share UGXL and / or UGXLIN and / or contents of these Applications with someone else!
  • You are not allowed to deliberately exploit or use any bugs in UGXL or UGXLIN!
  • You have to report bugs / Issues immediately via email (, alternative over Skype: the-delta) or through our Bug Tracker, described here: How to report a Bug or Feedback
  • You are not allowed to give someone else access to UGXL / UGXLIN through your own account credentials.
  • You are not allowed to hack / exploit / reverse engineer UGXL / UGXLIN.
  • The application might damage your system, your Call of Duty: World at War Installation or your Call of Duty: World at War Mods folder.
    • We are not responsible for any damage caused to your files or system as a result of participating in the Beta Test program.
      So far no one has had any issues with this - but you have been warned and you agreed that we (UGX-Mods) don't take any
      responsibility / warranty for damage, file deletion / corruption or worse.
      It is your responsibility as an Beta Tester to take regular backups of your own data as needed!
  • By using UGXL / UGXLIN you agree to the UGX-Mods Privacy Policy and to the Terms of Service
  • You are aware that this is a Beta Test and that these aren't final products - their functionality, appearance and more might change over development process!
  • You understand that this agreement might change over time - and we will let you know only if there are major changes.
    • You can, at any time, opt out of the Beta Test by informing UGX-Mods through mail ( or through the UGX Help Center.
    • The terms of this agreement (such as prohibiting the sharing of UGXL / UGXLIN files, etc.) still apply to anyone who leaves the Beta Test.
  • UGX-Mods might store your personal data collected from using UGXL / UGXLIN to understand issues / bugs better. This data will only be used for UGXL / UGXLIN development and nothing else!
    • Refer to the already mentioned Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in the Legal section for specific information on how your personal data will be protected and respected.
    • Check the Crash Reporter "What data will be collected?" for detailed information what we store for a temporary time.
    • You agree that we have permission store this data.
  • You agree that we might get in contact with you and ask you questions about UGXL, UGXLIN or any of the Applications & Services
    • You don't have to answer all or any questions | Simply let us know once we start asking you.
  • Please note that any conversation between you (Beta Tester) and us (UGX-Mods) is in English only!
    • Be always polite and respectful.
  • UGX-Mods has the right to exclude you from the Beta Test program or BAN you from one or all Applications & Services permanently or temporarily if...
    • You break one or more Legal documents which you agreed to. (this document, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service )
      • This includes writing, sending, sharing, disallowed / inappropriate data (image / video / text / ...) over one or more of our Applications & Services
    • You are being deliberately uncooperative or causing more trouble than good
    • You are being rude, disrespectful, insulting, discriminating against a person / group
    • You are misusing / abusing any one of the Applications & Services
    • You are selling / distributing one or more of the Applications & Services
    • Hacking, exploiting or reverse engineering one or more of the Applications & Services
  • Please note that not every developer at UGX-Mods has English as their native language and that typos or grammar issues,
    especially within documents of the Legal section, no not invalidate the document and will be fixed as soon as possible by a native English speaker or otherwise.


You are allowed to share screenshots / videos of the application
If you do so, we would appreciate it if you could link to the official closed beta announcement: <Will be added once it's available>


You agree to the Closed Beta Agreement (this document), Privacy Policy and Terms of Service as soon as you download and execute the UGXL Installer.