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Users can connect their social profiles with their UGX-Mods Account to be able to login with it.

Also users can register directly with such an account with some pre filled fields. (see below for more information)

Note: the connections are READ-ONLY and therefore won't do anything on behalf of you to your external account.

If UGX-Mods is ever going to change the permission (in order to interact with your account, e.g.: write a tweet once you release something) a re-validation / your consent is required again!.

Create link to existing UGX-Mods account (or unlik it)

  1. Login on UGX-Mods
  2. Visit your Forum Profile Settings > Connections ()
  3. Click the account you want to link / unlink
  4. Authenticate with the external provider

  5. You should now have a linked account. - You can now login with it.

Login with linked external provider account

  1. Click Login / get on the login page
  2. Click the external provider icon which you linked with your account
  3. (Optional) If you aren't logged in on your external account, a login form will show from your external provider
  4. After successful authentication with your external provider you'll be redirected back to UGX-Mods
  5. If your account was linked and verification was successful the login on UGX-Mods will be granted

Register with external provider account

  1. Follow the registration wizard.
  2. Select the provider of your desire once you are asked
  3. Authenticate with your external provider and get redirect to the registration wizard
  4. On success you will see a couple of fields pre filled (which you can clear / remove) and you can finish the reigstration


I unlinked my external account and I can't login anymore

In this case you need to login with your email and password. If you never received a password yet, requst one here: Request new password

My Discord roles are not synced or I still have no access to more Discord rooms

Most likely the request couldn't be executed and you need to relink your account and try it again.

  • Unlink your account
  • Link your account (ensure you use the correct Discord account in case you have multiple!)
  • Check again

Why should I link one ore more accounts with my UGX-Mods account?

There are different reasons to link your external accounts:

  • Login with your external provider (like Twitter or Google) without a password or email address or username. One click is enough.
  • Faster registration with pre filled fields.
  • Certain providers allow enhancements. For example linking Discord will grant you all proper Discord Roles in compliance with your UGX-Mods Forum groups.
  • In the future: more account trustworthy. A healthy account with active external connections will grant you more trustworthy

Are there security concerns?

  • Only minimal ones:
    • If an attacker hijacks your external account, he might get also access to your UGX-Mods account if he successfully authenticates from UGX-Mods with your external provider. But this is very minimal and is strongly affected by your general security and how secret your credentials are.
  • UGX-Mods does only save your unique identifier at the moment. We use this to identify your once you login / register on our site.
    • There is nothing to worry about this, we can't do anything else with this other than to know that the given account has the identifier XYZ. (it is like your user id on our UGX-Mods Forum)

HELP! My external account has been compromised and I don't know what todo.

  • First of all contact support of your provider
  • Be sure to unlink your account on UGX-Mods. You can do this by clicking here.
  • At any time, you can contact us: UGX Help Center (support)

Can I revoke rights from the provider itself?

Yes - in most cases.

Simply visit the Connections (Social Integrations) area and click on the link below the "unlink account" button, alternatively see below:

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