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This tutorial will show you how to properly package and distribute your map so other players can use your content. This example will be shown with the use of the UGX Installation Creator.

Tutorial Requirements:

  • WinRAR(or equivalent .zip archive capable program)
  • A working compiled map

Step 1): Gathering Files

  • Make sure your map has been compiled successfully and works bug free in game, as you want other users to experience it

  • Open the directory "C:\Users*USERNAME\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\mods". If you can't find the appdata folder you can open your start menu, type "run" and press enter. Then in the window that appears type "appdata" and press enter.
  • Find your maps folder, it will be called the same thing that you called it when you created the map. Ex. "nazi_zombie_420".

  • Right click on your maps folder and click "Add to archive"
  • Once WinRAR opens make sure the selection is on "zip" format and press OK.

  • Once you have pressed OK in WinRAR it will create a new .zip file with the name of your map in your mods directory. As to avoid having loose files there copy the .zip file to another location such as your desktop.
  • (OPTIONAL) If you are using an SP loadscreen drop it onto the archive to add it to the zip. The installer will detect the "_load" suffix and place it in the user's "main/video" directory.

Step 2): Creating an Installer

  • Open the UGX Installation Creator using the "zip2exe.exe" that is included in the Bin folder of the download.
  • Click the "Open" button and browse for the zip file that you copied to your desktop. Once opened you should see all your map files appear within the program.
  • Under the compression category click "BZip2" and check "Solid".
  • Now press generate and the .EXE file will be placed in the same location as the .zip file you opened, in my case I used my desktop.

Step 3): Releasing to the Forum

  • Make sure you have a registered account at
  • Click "maps" at the top of the page to go to the releases section where you will be posting a new topic
  • Please read the Requirements for Release Topics before posting.
  • Click "New Topic" on the releases board and it will create a new editable topic. Name the topic the name of your map.
  • Inside your topic you must include:
  • A description of what your map is
  • A list of features
  • Photos or videos of the map
  • A credits list including anyone that has contributed with work or content to the map

An example of what a good map release topic is can be found Here.

  • Upload the .EXE installer we created earlier to one of the verified hosts Here.
  • Copy the URL from the host website after your map is done uploading and paste it to the forum topic with a direct indication that it is the download link. Ex. "Download Link:"
  • Click "Post" at the bottom of the editing window and your topic will be posted to the forum.

Congratulations you have just successfully uploaded a map for others to play and enjoy!

Credit: SajeOne