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There are multiple free text editors available on the internet which make modification scripts easier than just using basic notepad.

Some of the best programs are Notepad++ and Sublime Text 3.

Below are instructions on how to set up your Text Editor properly to give you the best coding experience!

Setup Notepad++

To set the default language for opening .gsc files, go to Settings -> Style Configurator. Select 'Obsidian' from the list, then select 'C++' from the list below that. Then, in the 'User ext:' box below the languages list, enter 'gsc'. Click 'Save & Close'.

Now, when you open GSC files it will automatically turn on syntax highlighting, and you won't be blinded by the white background.


Setup Sublime Text 3

To set the default language for a COD Script (*.gsc), we need to make sure we have a *.gsc file opened in Sublime Text 3. To do this, Click File -> New File -> File -> Save; save it where ever you want, your desktop would be the easiest solution. Make sure to save it with the .gsc extension! Now go back to your open .gsc file, click View -> Syntax ->  Open all with current extension as... -> C++.

All .GSC files will now be highlighted with the C++ Syntax Highlighting.


Credits: Treminaor & Lukkie1998