The UGX Help Center is the new Support Channel for any issue / request you have besides Mapping / Scripting and Modding.

The UGX Knowledge Base (you are currently on it) is the place for often asked questions and troubleshooting guides, which might help you already before contacting us.

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we have various options to contact us.

Registration Issues?

Write us an email or contact us via our Service Desk (more information below) and we will resolve any issues asap.

You can also join our UGX-Mods Discord Server and contact us there directly.

Modding Issues?

Contact Methods

We gladly help you out. Please don't ask us about mapping or modding topics, please use the UGX Forum instead or our UGX-Mods Discord Server.

... via Discord

Join our UGX-Mods Discord Server. Be sure to link your Discord account with your UGX-Mods account, instructions are here:

If you have issues with Discord linking, contact one of our UGX-Mods Discord admins or use another contact method below.

Otherwise please use the appropriate Discord room!

... via Service Desk

Pasword Policy

We noticed that many users have trouble to use a proper password which follows our strict password policy for UGXHC accounts.

Password requirements:

  • Min 6 chars, max 64 chars
  • At least one char and one number
  • Valid symbols are
    • ! @ # $ % ^ & * + - ~ _ ä Ä ö Ö ü Ü ß °

Please note

Currently the UGX Help Center Account is not your UGX Forum Account!

You need to create a new account.

Simply visit the UGX Help Center Website and login or create a new account. Then choose your

... via Email

Please note

In order to process your email properly, the email needs a subject!

Emails with empty subjects won't be answered!

Simply write an email to and let us know how we can help you.

After your first request, you'll get automatically an registration email, to set your name and password for our Service Desk.

From now on, you can answer directly via the website, or simply reply to the email again.

Response Time of our Service Desk

  • general: 48h
  • account / donation issues: 24h
  • applications:  up 7 days
  • business inquiries: 48h
  • Hey we are ad network XYZ and we have the best offer for your: up to 7 days with a clear NO