This is a documentation page aimed at mappers who plan to use UGX Mod Standalone v1.1 on their maps. If you need instructions on how to install the mod, see this page: UGX Mod Standalone v1.1 Installation Guide

Radiant Prefabs

Wall Weapons

UGX Mod Standalone v1.1 has a redesigned Wall Weapon system. If you wish instead to use traditional wall weapon chalk prefabs, you are free to do so - they are still supported. These prefabs are not provided with the mod and will need to be created manually.

To place a UGX wall weapon box, use the prefab: map_source\_prefabs\ugx_mod\

In order to position the prefab correctly, you should ensure that clips are visible in your filter settings (open your filter window with the F key on your keyboard). Once clips are visible, you will be able to see the outline of where the UGX Wall Weapon box model will be spawned in-game.

Once you have positioned the prefab, you need to stamp it into the world using the stamp button in Radiant:

After stamping the prefab, you may select the trigger and change its "zombie_weapon_upgrade" key value to the weapon name you wish to use. To see a list of available weapons, check this page: UGX Mod Standalone v1.1 Available Weapons

Mystery Boxes

The mystery box start prefab is located at: map_source\_prefabs\ugx_mod\

To place additional box locations, use the prefab: map_source\_prefabs\ugx_mod\

No additional configuration is needed - you don't need to bother updating or setting the "chest" list in your mapname.gsc any more.

Traps Machine

The traps machine prefab is located at: map_source\_prefabs\ugx_mod\

No additional configuration is needed.

Perks Machines

The non-WaW style perk machines are all located in the folder: map_source\_prefabs\ugx_mod\new_perk_machines\

When you place them, you will not see the perk machine model. You will see a large colored box which has been colored to resemble the color of the perk machine. The actual models will be spawned-ingame. Use the clips in the prefab to judge the size of the machine properly.

Elemental & Pack-a-Punch Machines

The elemental machine prefab is located at: map_source\_prefabs\ugx_mod\
You can place multiple elemental machines and they will all function at once.

The PaP machine prefab is located at: map_source\_prefabs\ugx_mod\

You can place multiple PaP machines and they will all function at once. If you enable the "multiple_paps" setting in ugx_mod.iwd\maps\ugxm_user_settings.gsc, the PaP will move similarly to the random box between each location you placed. You can also adjust the move interval or min/max uses.

Gamemode Spawnpoints



Script Configuration Settings (ugxm_user_settings.gsc)

If you open ugx_mod.iwd\maps\ugxm_user_settings.gsc, you will find many configurable settings for UGX Mod. Each setting is explained within the file.


Tips & Tricks

Preventing players from being teleported to bad areas & more

Certain things like the Gersch Device have the ability to dynamically choose a spot to teleport players to on a map. It generates a list of potential teleport locations by taking all the pathnodes on the map and running tests on them to ensure they are a valid location to spawn players. The script assumes that any pathnode that is not inside of a playable_area trigger is not a valid pathnode to use. However, sometimes you might end up with areas which are covered in a playable_area trigger but should not have players teleported to them (ex. if you are a lazy mapper). A way to prevent these nodes from being seen as "valid" is to give them the targetname "nospawn". This will give them a green outline in the Radiant 3D view, and the scripts will completely ignore these pathnodes as potential locations to move a player or spawn any items in gamemodes such as Chaos Mode.


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