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The UGX-Mods Beta Program allows UGX-Mods Donors (heart) to get early access to new features and improvements to our site and services.

UGX-Mods tries to make sure that everything does work properly already, but the point of this Beta Program is to get more feedback from users to test, fix, further improve our Applications & Services.

How to Opt-In

Simply visit and login in (in case you aren't already logged int)

Visit UGX Beta Settings Page and enable the auto redirect.

That option will make sure that you always land on the beta page, regardless of the url you click.

How to Opt-Out

To revert the auto redirect, simply visit the UGX Beta Settings Page and disable it again.

How to Report Issues?

Simply create a new topic in the UGX Feedback Section:,98.0.html

We also accept reports via our UGX Help Center, but it's highly recommended to use the method above.

Donor Benefits

For a list of benefits visit

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