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UGX-Mods Chat has been discontinued!

Apprently the UGX-Mods Chat has been discontinued, because other UGX-Mods projects are more important.

The UGX-Mods Chat was (as many of you know) very old and was needed during a time where users wanted to connect together and chat easily.

With Discord - we found a good solution which works better and doesn't require our software maintaining.

It also supports cross-platform support and other great features, which we simply can't deliver as a one-man development team.

You can join our UGX-Mods Discord (established March 2017 with over 1k members) below. Futher below are some honorable mentions about our UGX Chat.

UGX-Mods Chat Stats

  • 2.404.868 messages since 18 November 2012
  • 60.918 total unique users since 18 November 2012

UGX-Mods Chat History

The development of the chat started around September 2012 and in October 2012 the chat was released

In Novemer 2012, the chat was a stable alpha version

Since then, no major updates were made because other projects were more important.

The development of the UGX Launcher was more important and the plan was to integrate the chat into it

Treminaor introduced a tool (Ban Hammer) to moderators, to moderate the chat more efficiently

October 2013, the plan was to release a new Chat v2, which was integrated into an Usermenu (top and bottom bar) on every page.

Sadly, the development was stopped again because of other UGX projects.

Maybe in the future, we can bring back a light chat which is fully integrated into the UGX-Mods Website and UGX Launcher.

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