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Date02 Dev 2017

Getting issues...

Version ModeDonor Beta


This release contains forum software updates which were also applied to the production site.
From now on both sites will use SSL/TLS encryption and http has been deprecated.

The Personal Message view has been updated and minor improvements have been made.

Important highlights from this release

  • Update SMF Forum to 2.0.15
    • Full support for https now via image proxy
      • This is currently only working for img tags and we will integrate this into other parts of our software soon
    • Include improvements & bug fixes
  • Fix bugs with usercard
  • Fix display issues (odd shadow / flicker bug with webkit browsers) and improve some general sites (like personal message pages)
  • You can now vote for Feedback tickets (thumbs up)
  • Personal Messages uses conversation view now and reduced unrelated settings for it

  • Fix redirect issue after login
  • Updated SimplePortal to 2.3.7 to ensure compatibility with latest forum software
    • Includes security & bug fixes.
  • Updated some external development dependencies

Full Changelog

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  • [UGXSMF-278] - Fix login redirects wrong (to a resouce, like an image)
  • [UGXSMF-279] - Loading throbber of notification does odd shadow effect
  • [UGXSMF-280] - Fix display issues with usercard in mobile view

New Feature

  • [UGXSMF-147] - Redirect to Thank You page after donation with information
  • [UGXSMF-166] - add voting to UGX Feedback


  • [UGXSMF-45] - PM: Nicer conversation view & force people to use it
  • [UGXSMF-246] - Upgrade to SMF 2.0.15


All tickets for this release

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Known issues

  • Supported Browsers / Devices
    • Currently only Firefox & Chrome has been heavily test.
    • Internet Explorer 11 & Edge has been partially tested.
    • There was no extensive testing on mobile devices yet
    • We need your feedback if something isn't working on your device
  • There are (apparently) still some annoying issues with CKEditor. We spent a lot of time to improve it, so keep reporting issues!
  • The green lock (https info) might be not fully green and might show "Insecure content" - This is due some resources are still fetched over http instead of https
    • We will resolve this over time.

Whats next?

We await (your) community feedback now (heart) While working on additional improvements and features, the feedback from the community will be put together into more frequent updates.

The next update (v0.6.0-donor-beta) will fix some quirks with CKEditor (previously planned for this release, but the forum software update was more important)
There will be also finally HTML emails, instead of plain emails. You'll see shortly the improvement (smile)

It has been a busy year and there will be soon progress on other Applications & Services again - stay tuned!