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Date18 Feb 2018

Getting issues...

Version ModeDonor Beta


This release contains a long awaited feature: pretty HTML emails.

Also the forum received some Search Engine Optimizations and CKEditor bug fixes & some usability changes.

Important highlights from this release

  • We finally have pretty HTML emails in our nice blue design
    • These emails will randomly mix with the old ones, because mail sending is mostly from the non-beta site, which doesn't have them YET.
    • We changed our sending email from to for our new emails!
  • Fixed some pretty annoying bugs with SEO redirect and Notifications (Alerts) popup (thumbs up)
  • Boards, Topics, Urls which do not exists will show a proper error page now!
  • The beta site should have a GREEN LOCK now as well (smile)
  • CKEditor improvements and fixes were made. It's considered ready for Open Beta now!

  • Search Engine Optimizations were made - you will notice this when you link a forum url in Discord, Skype, Twitter, etc. (preview image, preview text, ...)
  • Development / Staff changes:
    • Moderators can now faster hide unwanted posts in the Moderation Center
    • Testing Tool for html emails and work on E2E tests for CKEditor and such

Full Changelog

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  • [UGXSMF-194] - CKEditor text newlines are removed on save
  • [UGXSMF-225] - Switch from extended to small and back to extended removes some new lines
  • [UGXSMF-283] - SEO redirect doesn't handle query in url properly
  • [UGXSMF-284] - Alerts popup us below the main content
  • [UGXSMF-286] - Random board / topic urls don't show correct error page
  • [UGXSMF-288] - Notifications bug

New Feature



  • [UGXSMF-19] - SMF Mail urls are plain text
  • [UGXSMF-162] - Better SEO + Structured Data & Open Graph implementation
  • [UGXSMF-293] - Add hide button (similar to delete) to moderation center


All tickets for this release

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Known issues

  • Supported Browsers / Devices
    • Currently only Firefox & Chrome has been heavily test.
    • Internet Explorer 11 & Edge has been partially tested.
    • There was no extensive testing on mobile devices yet
    • We need your feedback if something isn't working on your device
  • HTML Emails:
      • there were many tests to ensure it works well for the majority of users
    • Outlook has some quirks (odd spacing around the email) - Blame the developers of it for using the Word HTML rendering engine

Whats next?

We await (your) community feedback now (heart) While working on additional improvements and features, the feedback from the community will be put together into more frequent updates.

The next update (v0.6.1-donor-beta) will add some features and improvements: Sortable search, topic preview and search within a topic. For our staff / admins the userlist will be improved.

2018 is just starting and we have lot's of more in the pipeline! Open Beta soon!