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Date09 Sep 2018

Getting issues...

Version Modeproduction (star)


(star)(star)(star) It's finally officially released and available to everyone (star)(star)(star)

(warning) Read the announcement here:

All requests to (and forum) will be redirected to the production url (

Important highlights from this release

  • General Improvements
    • cache is now also based on url and not just stage
    • Updated Code Highlights & Spoiler to latest version
      • Spoilers can be closed by clicking at the bottom of each individual spoiler
      • Code Highlight "Copy code" is a now an inline button on the top right
    • added polyfills to support older browsers properly
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed CKEditor code encoding issues
    • Fixed all known issues found in the last beta release. (thanks to our Sentry integration)
    • Fix issue with newsletter integration (no mail was sent from forum due to STARTTLS issues which is not supported in SMF)

All tickets for this release

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Key Summary T Created Updated Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

(Not all changes are listed here, always check the highlights above)

Known issues

  • Supported Browsers / Devices
    • Currently only Firefox & Chrome has been heavily test.
    • Internet Explorer 11 & Edge has been partially tested.
    • There was no extensive testing on mobile devices yet
    • We need your feedback if something isn't working on your device
  • HTML Emails:
    • Outlook has some quirks (odd spacing around the email) - Blame the developers of it for using the Word HTML rendering engine

Whats next?

We will listen to community feedback as usual (heart).

The focus is now on stability and maintenance for a while.

More time imto the UGX Launcher and UGXPLAY will be put and hopefully some new announcement about it will be made in the upcoming weeks.

To get a complete overview of our development plans, visit