Date12 May 2019

Getting issues...

Version Modeproduction (star)


This update brings you a brand new major feature, called UGX Reactions.
It is now possible to add emote / emojis on forum messages (smile). Now you can add quick responses to messages like: (thumbs up).

Important highlights from this release

  • Added UGX Reactions. You can view the documentation of it here: UGX Reactions (in short it works similar to other websites / apps)
  • Added notifications for outdated / insecure browsers
  • Improvements
    • Improved registration step 5 (Optional Profile Information) and improved the error and labels for the Website URL and title.
    • Replaced native scrollbars with nicer custome ones for reaction, emote and emoji picker
    • First (of many) improvements for better page loading. (Many scripts will be loaded after page load now)
    • More meaningful errors for users when they try to access a topic which does not exist anymore or is placed in Land of Spam.
    • Improved service worker update and caching - you should have a better experience now (faster page loads) and a better update process.
    • Improved CKEditor usability with quotes. Forum quotes are readonly now and it's easier to add a new line above or below a quote only text.
    • Offline page (if there is no internet connection available) will show a reload button and tries to reload itself on connection again
    • Changed visual style of login and register buttons of 3rd party providers
  • Fixes
    • Fixed over 20 reported errors (through automated reporting by sentry)
  • Development Improvements
    • Heavily improved deployment with automation script and also automated an dependency upgrade.

All tickets for this release

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(Not all changes are listed here, always check the highlights above)

Known issues

  • Supported Browsers / Devices
    • Currently only Firefox & Chrome has been heavily test.
    • Internet Explorer 11 & Edge has been partially tested.
    • There was no extensive testing on mobile devices yet
    • We need your feedback if something isn't working on your device

Whats next?

We will listen to community feedback as usual (heart). The focus is now on stability and maintenance for a while.

The next major release (9.x) will be all about performance and loading speed improvements. This will take some time.

More time ion the UGX Launcher and UGXPLAY will be spent and hopefully some new announcement about it will be made soon.

To get a complete overview of our development plans, visit