Date10 Sep 2023

Getting issues...

Version Modeproduction (star)


Finally a new update. This one took a long time, especially because of performance testing and fixing.

Better performance, new Avatar Editor and other great improvements + fixes.

You can now finally upload (or use an URL) and modify the image (crop & filters) before uploading it. Try it out now.

Important highlights from this release

  • New Features
    • Avatar Editor with Crop, Filters & stickers (heart)
    • Better code highlight with line options, Scripting Syntax support and more options
    • Added OpenSearch support. (You can now add the UGX-Mods Forum search to your browser search)
  • Improvements
    • Only show reply button on forum posts if not logged in
    • Hide quote button if reply / quote is not possible and not authenticated
    • Show reply as disabled if reply is not possible and authenticated
    • If user can't post and receives fatal error, offer option to view the topic again (instead of Back button which fails if just logged in)
    • Made quote button even less obvious and not as highlighted as before
    • (Change) Remove "Sent topic" feature and replaced it with "Share topic"
    • Some styling related changes for nicer visuals & better mobile experience
    • Replaced legacy css grid framework with modern CSS (heart)
    • Added emoji v15 (if available) and optimized image (smaller size (10%) -> faster loading)
    • Nicer progress bars with options in forum posts
    • Add toggle password visibility to password inputs
    • Optimized image slider & gallery (updated version, smaller size, style tweaks, cleanup)
    • Better forum message attachment style
    • Improved Discord linking experience
    • Performance improvements for faster page loads
  •  Fixes
    • Fixed topic icons
    • Fixed "very hot" topic badge (was wrongly labed as "hot" only)
    • Fixed emoji picker categories (scrolling) and skin tones
    • Fixed spoilers without a title issue
    • Fix solved answer date to be correct
    • Fix issues with linking social profiles (like Discord)
    • Fixed errors which were found during testing
  • Development Improvements
    • (For moderators): unapproved posts are displayed next to the approved post count of an user and some more small improvements
    • Better internal logging and tracing
    • Updated and improved development pipeline and QA tooling

All tickets for this release

Key Summary T Created Updated Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

(Not all changes are listed here, always check the highlights above)

Known issues

  • Supported Browsers / Devices
    • Currently only Firefox & Chrome has been heavily test.
    • Edge has been partially tested
    • There was no extensive testing on mobile devices yet
    • We need your feedback if something isn't working on your device

Special Thanks

Special thanks to our Community Members cpt_johnson1 & Gympie5 for reporting bugs. (heart)

Did you know...?

  • A lot of time went into the Avatar Editor → Please give it a try and report issues, especially if you have issues on your mobile phone.
  • Performance fixing and monitoring took a lot of time. Setup of logging, tracing and debugging and then going through step by step took an insane amount of work.
    • Page loading times could be reduced from 3s to under 1s (heart)

Development Statistics

First commit was September 22, 2021 (so roughly two years to this version!)

Code Changes (commit count / lines of code added / lines of code removed / total lines of code)

  • ugx_smf (Forum) 109 commits / 77,272++ / 70,824-- / 417,642
  • ugx_root (Frontpage and other sub pages which are not the forum): 25 commits / 36,155++ / 19,577-- / 35,168

Whats next?

We will share soon news about UGX-Mods and the future roadmap

To get a complete overview of our development plans, visit