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Multiexcerpt include

  • Copy and paste "root/raw/ui/" and rename the file to * ( *MAPNAME referring to the name of your map's main script. Ex: "nazi_zombie_420")
  • Open the renamed file with your preferred text editor and navigate to line 457, the line should look something like this:

    Code Block
    CHOICE_BUTTON_VIS( 1, "@MENU_SOLO_CAP", SETUP_ACTION_SOLO; LOCAL_ZOMBIE_RESET, when( !localvarBool( ui_hideBack ) ); )
  • Replace the line with this:

    Code Block
    CHOICE_BUTTON_VIS( 1, "SOLO_BUTTON_TEXT", exec "map *MAPNAME";, when( !localvarBool( ui_hideBack ) ); )
  • Once replaced you must now edit the line to work for your map. Change *MAPNAME to your map's name(Ex: "nazi_zombie_420"), and change SOLO_BUTTON_TEXT to whatever text you would like to show on the main menu. Here's an example:

    Code Block
    CHOICE_BUTTON_VIS( 1, "Play UGX Cabin", exec "map ugx_cabin";, when( !localvarBool( ui_hideBack ) ); )