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This is a guide to using the hideTags option with CoD4 Viewhands in CoD weapon files.


The hideTags option is for hiding meshes which are bound to tags (joints) on your gun. For instance, typically IW and Treyarch export their MP viewmodel with every single attachment placed on it at once (see Fig 1).
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Figure 1


If you wanted a Thompson with only the Aperture Sight, one might accomplish this by


While this does work, this is a complete waste of asset room (and time, once until you master this process). The same effect can be accomplished by using hideTags on the original mp model!


First, you will need to know what tags the weapon viewmodel rig contains. There are a couple programs that will generate a list for you, but in this tutorial we will do this manually.

Navigate to *root/raw/xmodel.


Near the beginning of the file, you will see some gibberish that looks similar to 'F¼Á¸F¼Á¸F¼Á¸F¼A¸F¼A¸F¼A'. Shortly after this, you will see some readable text. This is the name of the xmodelparts file we need. Copy it to clipboard or memorize it. See Fig. 2.

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Figure 2

Navigate to *root/raw/xmodelparts.


After you open the xmodelparts file with Notepad, you will see some gibberish again, but if you look in the right place you will find the list of joints for the viewmodel! See Fig 23, the tags are highlighted in yellow for emphasis.
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Figure 3

Organizing the tags list

Now that you have the list of joint tags from the xmodelparts file,


  • Open your weaponfile using Notepad
  • Find the hideTags setting (near the end of the first line)
  • Add your chosen tag names, separated by a RETURN. This means you hit the ENTER key after every tag, starting a new line in the file.

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