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Thanks to to UGX Play we are able to more information about each map/mod in the UGX Launcher, which gives you lots of sorting options!

It's possible to filter maps based on many options like release date or certain features to find the perfect map for your tastes.




Controls Explained

Attribute Slider Filtering

You can click and drag on the "drag handle" or you can click on a value ( tiny dash marks )

with a left mouse click to set the left handle on this value and ( if available ) with a right mouse click.

The maps within this range / selected value will be shown.

If they are not within the range or selected value they will be filtered out

Map Tag Checkbox Filtering

Map tags are features or attributes which the mapper has confirmed their map possesses.

With those tags you can easily find the maps you like and hide the maps you don't like.

Tags can be a map feature like BO3 weapons or a Buyable Ending, or a certain mod which is installed such as UGX Mod, or contest it participated in such as the ZomMods Mapping Contest.


Checkbox Colors explained

Color / State

 Red / ExcludeHide all maps which possess this tag.
 Gray / Ignore Ignore if a map possess this tag. You don't care if this tag is present or not.
Green / RequireOnly show maps which possess this tag. Any map which does not possess this tag will be hidden,


It is possible to set filters which hide every map available on UGX Launcher.
If you don't see any maps in the Map View anymore:

You can simply click Reset to set all filters to default again.

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