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Date06 10 March 2019

serverUGX-Mods JIRA
jqlQueryproject = UGXSMF AND fixVersion = v0.8.5-beta

Version Modeproduction (star)


  • Better mobile view for forum board & message index
  • Improved a couple of widgets and elements to be more mobile friendly (including beta banner, button list, breadcrumbs)
  • Added label to mobile toggle menus - they are now more obvious (and explain their functionality)
  • Added avatar to mobile main navigation menu when logged in
  • Account registration with Internet Explorer 11 should work again (but seriously, use another browser asap (big grin))
  • We patched our software to PHP 7.3 and upgraded out servers as well. This will improve performance even more!
  • Added Connections to profile quick list menu (top right in navigation)
  • Fixed and improved compatibility with upcoming UGX Play
  • Fixed invalid timezone with development version of Firefox (which would soon or later backfire on stable version)
  • Fixed http error response code for some pages (legacy system - ugh!)
  • Fixed reported bugs and errors
    • Most noteworthy is that images on a forum post can be viewed in an interactive gallery again, instead of each individual in the browser tab on click
  • Development
    • Upgraded sentry to new unified php-sdk
    • Upgraded all software dependencies to their latest versions

All tickets for this release


There will be one feature release before we take a break from forum development. We will introduce reactions on post soon. You'll be able to add emojis / emotes (reactions) to forum posts (wink)

More time ion in the UGXL and UGXPLAY will be spent and hopefully some new announcement about it will be made soon.