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Date30 April 12 May 2019

serverUGX-Mods JIRA
jqlQueryproject = UGXSMF AND fixVersion = v0.8.6-beta

Version Modeproduction (star)


This update brings you a brand new major feature, called UGX Reactions.
It is now possible to add emote / emojis on forum messages (smile). Now you can add quick responses to messages like: (thumbs up).


  • Added UGX Reactions. You can view the documentation of it here: UGX Reactions (in short it works similar to other websites / apps)
  • Added notifications for outdated / insecure browsers
  • Improvements
    • Improved registration step 5 (Optional Profile Information) and improved the error and labels for the Website URL and title.
    • Replaced native scrollbars with nicer custome ones for reaction, emote and emoji picker
    • First (of many) improvements for better page loading. (Many scripts will be loaded after page load now)
    • More meaningful errors for users when they try to access a topic which does not exist anymore or is placed in Land of Spam.
    • Improved service worker update and caching - you should have a better experience now (faster page loads) and a better update process.
    • Improved CKEditor usability with quotes. Forum quotes are readonly now and it's easier to add a new line above or below a quote only text.
    • Offline page (if there is no internet connection available) will show a reload button and tries to reload itself on connection again
    • Changed visual style of login and register buttons of 3rd party providers
  • Fixes
    • Fixed over 20 reported errors (through automated reporting by sentry)
  • Development Improvements
    • Heavily improved deployment with automation script and also automated an dependency upgrade.

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