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With UGXSMF v0.8.6-beta (Forum Update) UGX introduces reactions.

You can now react to any forum message, as long as you and the forum message meets certain criterias.

Criterias to add / remove reactions

Criterias to add reactions

  • The user didn't exceed the start[1] limit of reactions
    • Please note that newly created accounts have a drastically reduced limit which will be lifted like the requirement of moderation approval of forum messages once the user reached the next post based forum group (see Forum groups for more information)
  • The user has the permission to view the topic / board
  • The message is approved, not frozen or hidden
  • The user was not banned from adding reaction (can be issued by an admin or moderator if the user abuses the reaction feature)

Criterias to remove reactions

  • Moderators can freeze reactions. If this happens the user won't be able to remove reactions.

[1] A reaction is considered as started if you are the first one who adds this reaction to the entity.
    The starter is always the first person who has added the reaction and the limit was implemented to avoid that one users can block further reactions.

Reaction activity

Each user can view his reaction activity on his profile. DirectlinkDirect link:

How to use UGX Reactions

Add reactions

Image Added

Click on the Add Reaction icon (Image Added) and select your reaction. A green flash will indicate a successful update.

Add existing reaction (increase reaction count)

You can either do it the same as you would add a new reaction, or simply click on the reaction itself.

Remove reaction

You can remove it directly on the message by clicking the reaction itself.

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There is also the option to remove any reaction through your reaction activity on your profile.

View reaction details

You can hover over an reaction to view the first 3 users who reacted with this reaction.

To view all users, hover over the reactions (only required for desktop view) and click on the "reactions" menu.
On click a modal appears with all reactions on the left and a userlist of all users who reacted with this reaction.

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