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Date26 Jan 08 Feb 2020

serverUGX-Mods JIRA
jqlQueryproject = UGXSMF AND fixVersion = v0.8.7-beta

Version Modeproduction (star)


Update to improve various parts of the forum, including text editor fixes.

First release in 2020, long overdue but better late then never (wink)


  • Fixes
    • Removed twitter and facebook share count (was not working anymore and quite frankly unimportant)
    • Various issues with CKEditor have been fixed
    • Fix lightslider and lightgallery style
    • Added missing froum group images (contest winners, etc.)
    • Fixed a couple of PHP errors found through Sentry
  • Improvements
    • CKEditor crash notice is less annoying now (hopefully)
    • EMOJIs Emoji's performance improved, instead of many tiny files one big chunk is loaded which will improve site load speed
    • Autocomplete finds parts of a phrase now and not just at the beginning + is case insensitive (before: #play → no result | now: #play → #UGXPLAY)
    • Small profile enhancements:
      • Info about username rename process (good news: we plan to allow username rename soon or later (wink))
      • Link to edit account (on profile edit page)
      • Direct link to change avatar on public profile page when user hovers on his avatar (wink)
    • COPPA form can be retrieved for users who need it
    • Better +1 Karma visualization
    • Make dropdown and menus look nicer with an image instead of a character
  • Development Improvements
    • Improved service worker, one single bundle from now on
    • Upgraded dependencies
    • Reduced dependencies and improved dependency management
    • Upgraded hybridauth to v3 (SDK for social / 3rd party login)
    • Upgraded to latest SMF version

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To get a complete overview of our development plans, visit

There are still some major features missing on our forum. We plan to add them this year (smile)