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How to get started?

Community help

You want to help and improve the UGX Launcher?

Then take a look at the Community Contributions

Install UGX Launcher


Be sure to check out the Known Issues and limitations if you have any issues!
  1. System Requirements
    1. You need Windows Vista or later!

  2. Download & execute the UGX Launcher - Installer (UGXLIN)
  3. Install the UGX Launcher
  4. Start the UGX Launcher and log in with your UGX-Mods Account credentials.

In detail (with images):

  1. How to install the UGX Launcher
  2. How to Login into UGX Launcher

Need help?

Check out our UGX-Mods Knowledge BaseLINK TO SUPPORT!!!

Please! - If you have an issue, use the following How to report a Bug or Feedback!!

To get full support report it through the Community Reporter directly in the UGX Launcher.

On this page:




The UGX Launcher Development Dashboard has a great overview to know exactly what's going on.


Interested when the new version comes out?

Then the UGX Launcher JIRA Project might interest you!


Any issues / bugs / feedback from an User will be listed here. Crash Reports are there as well. (wink)