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How to use it ?

How to install the UGX Launcher

To follow this guide, you need to install the UGX Launcher first. See How to install the UGX Launcher


Once you start the UGX Launcher, it might find a new version and therefore update itself.

Unstable updater

The Updater might not work properly for you. If this is the case, please report the issue you expierence.

Please take a look at the Troubleshooting Guide for help.


In general, it's a good idea to take a look at the Known Issues and limitations

All updates during the Alpha Test are mandatory, therefore the program will not launch until it is allowed to update itself when any are available.

Currently the application also requires an internet connection for authentication with the UGX Masterserver.

No offline mode

The UGX Installer currently doesn't support offline mode! This should be added later.




If the UGX Launcher is up-2-date it should show an authentication dialog.

Closed Alpha / Donor beta

You get only access to the UGX Launcher if you are an UGX Forum Donator

Enter your UGX Forum Username and UGX Forum Password to log in to the UGX Launcher.

(They are the same account information as you would log into the UGX-Mods Forum !)

Security information

Please note that we take privacy (data) seriously and do our best to protect it.

If you want to know more please consider reading the Privacy Policy in the Legal section.


If Authentication to the UGX Masterserver was successful and the UGX Launcher is up-2-date you should see the main screen of the UGX Launcher now.

Per default, the "Home" tab is active and should display a Work In Progress version of UGX Play

Please note that you can only stay within the UGX Play web environment -  this not meant to be a full web browser.

If you want to access the UGX Forum or another site, it won't work or open it in your default browser!


Currently only the "Home" and "Maps" tab are fully functional.

"Play" and "Stats" will follow ( more about this at Roadmap / Milestones ]

UGX Launcher explained in detail

Report Issue / Feedback

also known as Community Reporter can be oipened by clicking this button in the lower left corner of the UGX Launcher window:

OR you can use the key combination ALT + R to open the same report issue/feedback screen.


Top right icons

First row, from left to right the icons are: Minimize application, Maximize Application, Close Application

Second row, "Settings" will open the Settings Dialog

Third row, "Help" will open the confluence / wiki page in your default browser. "About" will show the about dialog.

Map View

Map View Top bar

The left side of the bar contains the current view path ( also known as a "Breadcrumb" to web developers)

The right side contains:

Filter and Sort options. ( Currently non functional! )

Map View display type. ( Currently non functional! )


Map Rectangle List View

Each map is displayed as an rectangle, with name, display image, optional an emblem and the visual state ( in a color ) of the map.




todoadd images


Map ( visual ) states
Not installed

Map is available through  UGX Play / UGX Launcher

but wasn't installed by the user yet.

Not installed


mouse over

Install: Download & install the map

More...: Show the dedicated singe map view

(More information about this map)

Download...Map will be currently downloaded.



mouse over

### %: Download progress of map

Map was downloaded and will be installed currently



mouse over

### %: Installation progress

Map is successfully installed and up-2-date

It can be played without any issues.



mouse over

Play: On click, start Call of Duty: World at War with the selected map.

( You will land in the main menu )


An update is available for this map.

It is recommended to update the map.



mouse over

Update: Start the update process ( Download & install update )

The map update will be currently downloaded.

( Note that the installation of it will be displayed as "Installing" )



mouse over

### %: Download progress of update

Once a map is installed / updated or repaired,

it will be verified if the files are ok and the map is valid.

If it fails, it will be marked as corrupt.

( The UGX Launcher might do this also automatically to verify it )



mouse over

### %: Display the current progress.

( image is buggy )


A map found on your computer,

which isn't available through UGX Play / UGX Launcher




mouse over

Play*: Launch Call of Duty: World at War with this map.

( * because it's a local map and you might have less features )


This map is available through UGX Play / UGX Launcher and is installed on your computer.

There are many cases why the map is corrupted ( wrong files, invalid files found, ... )

Take a look at Why is the map corrupted for more information.



mouse over

Repair: Repair this map ( will most likely download the correct files )

The map is in the download queue and will be downloaded once there is a free download slot.



mouse over

Nothing special to mention
In-GameThe game is launched and the current map / mod is active.



mouse over

Playing... if you click on it, you can close the game through the UGX Launcher

( you will be asked and you need to confirm this action )


Possible states


( todo: proper colors for the state in the flowgraph )

Tree list


Visual indication

If there is progress availabe, it will be shown like this.

Each map entry has also a small rectangle on the right which will tell you the state of the map.

Custom Groups

You can create and order maps into groups.

Please note, that the maps in the group will order itself according to the selected sort filters!


Now how it works:

You get different context menu actions depending on where you right click.

  • You can right click on an map item
  • You can right click on a group to collapse / expand it ( or simply a left mouse double click )
    • For custom groups you can
      • Remove it ( all maps inside will be moved to their default group )
      • Rename it
      • Change it's position ( custom groups order only )
  • You can also rightclick on an empty space of the tree list  ( or on the area where the Search, Sort & Filter elements are ) to...
    • create a new group
    • expand / collapse all groups


Group order

Please note: the group order is fixed for default groups!

Unofficial maps ( lowest group )Maps found on your computer which aren't available in UGX Play / UGX Launcher
Community mapsMaps made by the Community, available through UGX Play / UGX Launcher
UGX Mods maps

Maps made by the UGX Mods Team, available through UGX Play / UGX Launcher

Custom Group(s) ( highest )Groups created by the user, with any maps he added to it.


To add a map to an group, simply right click on it, select "Add to group" and then either select an already created group or choose "Create new group"

You can't add a map to any of the default groups - they will be automatically placed in the proper default group if they aren't in a custom one!



Sort multiple groups

If you have multiple custom groups, you can order them how you like it.


Collapse / Expand

You can collapse / expand a group by making a left double click or through the right click menu.

Search, Sort and Filter


If you type something into the search field, the avalable maps will be filtered by the entered term.

( notice how only maps with the word "UGX" are available in the Map View )

Currently the search only applies on the map view, not on the tree list!

You can reset the search filter by clearing the field or by pressing the remove button right of it.



You can sort the maps, it should be self explaining what each entry does.




You can filter out / in maps with different options.



You can click and drag on the "drag handle" or you can click on a value ( tiny dash )

with a left mouse click to set the left handle on this value and ( if available ) with a right mouse click

the right handle.

The maps within this range / selected value will be shown.

If they are not within the range or selected value they will be filtered out


Tri - Radiobox for TAGS

TAGS are key words which the mapper can put on his map.

With those tags, you can easily find the map you like and hide the maps you don't like.

TAGS can be a map feature, mod or something else.


States / Colors explained

Color / State

 Red / excludeHide all maps with this TAG.
 Yellow / ignoreDo nothing. Will display the map regardless if it has the TAG or not.
Green / includeThis TAG has to be present. Show only maps who have this TAG


It is possible to select a filter which doesn't show any map.

 In this case, or in any other case, you can simply click Reset to set all filters to default again.

Single Map View

also known as single Map Web View, or just Web View.

Please note while in Alpha / Donor Beta

The displayed information is fictional and simply dummy text to test and verify it in this development stage.



The buttons below are functional and can be used to start certain actions. (Please note, the time information is dummy text again)



Profile tab

The profile tab will display some information about yourself.

Please note

The offline state means that you are not connected to the Chat Server.

Currently it's disabled.

The avatar doesn't load for the same reason - you are marked as offline

Usually, your forum username would be used - but if it never could make a connection to the Chat Server it will be your windows computer name!

If you click on "My Profile" a new tab in your browser will open to your UGX Forum Account.

More functionally will come soon!


Download bar

The download bar will show you the total download progress and the completed of total downloads.

The button left to it can pause / resume all downloads.

If you left click on the download bar, the Download Manager will open.

Download Manager

You can start multiple downloads, order them and set the max download speed.

You can also pause / resume the download(s)


The top displays various information about the total downloads.

Please note about these issues

The UI is a bit glitchy, especially the network graph.

Speed will display the current speed of all downloads ( total download speed )

File size will display the current and total download size in Megabytes. The size which needs to be downloaded is in the brackets right next to it.

Duration will display the estimate time how long it takes to download all maps. Next to it is the progress bar of all downloads.

Network graph is next to the network information and visualize your download speed over the last 30 seconds.


Download item

Please note the icons on the right are glitchy and have a bad contrast. Those are palceholders but functional!

Each map download will be display as this download item

It shows the current and total download size.

The overall progress of this downloa.

The estimated download time ( which, in this example, is currenly calculated )

And the to the right ( Since 7 s ) is the current download time.

Resumeable downloads

You can pause & resume each map download! - It won't start from the beginning!



The  UGX Launcher has various settings to give you more control.

Please note that some are already present - but don't do anything.


Enter your account details here. ( This is actually useless, needs an update )

You can enable / disable beta builds of the UGX Launcher, only interesting if you want to help and test new feautures.


Select the theme you want to use.

More about custom themes and how to create your own soon.

Advanced mode gives you some more options. - Currently non functional.


Chat settings, non functional currently!


The installation path of your Call of Duty: World at War

Use the buttons to go to your Game or Mods folder quick.

UGX Stats

non functional.


non functional


Proxy is only partilly supported. If you use proxy and you have issues please report it and temporary disable it.

( also if you would like any additional features for this, give feedback! )


Default Download Mirror is currently non functional.


Max download speed is functional - BUT - it is per download.

  • If you have a max of 300kb/s and you have 3 downloads, the max total download speed will be 900kb/s !!!


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