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This guide will explain in detail how to report a Bug or give Feedback ( criticism, suggestion, ... )

You should take a look at the Crash Reporter if you want to know how to report an application crash ( or what exactly happens and what user data is gathered )


How to open the Community Report Window

This can be achieved by two ways.

First way would be the key combination: ALT + R

Or simply click ( if the UGX Launcher main window is open ) on the "Report Issue / Feedback" - button in the bottom left cornor.

How to sent the report

First of all, select the type ( currently BUG / Issue or Feedback )

Then simply fill in all needed information.

Please be as detailed as possible, otherwise it might take longer to reproduce / understand your issue.

What data will be gathred once you sent it:

  • Your current IP Adress ( to avoid spam )
  • Your forum UID and forum username ( to avoid spam and recongize you as a reporter )
  • Operating System Information
    • OS Name ( Like Windows 7 )
    • OS Architecture ( 32bit or 64bit )
  • Optional, but maybe very helpfull data ( you can decide it )
    • Your CPU Name & Type ( Like Intel 7 Quad Core )
    • Your RAM ( Like 16 GB RAM )
    • A screenshot of the issue
    • Your Anti-Virus software
    • Your Firewall settings / software
    We try to be very secure with your sensitve private data, please refer to our Privaciy Policy


Once you sent a report, you should get a confirm dialog which gives you an issue key and a link to the issue back.

Visit it frequently ( you should get an e-Mail once the ticket gets updated ) and ( as soon as registration is possible! | currently disabled! ) respond to any questions regards your issue.

Please take a look at How to work with JIRA - Forum user if you are interested and want to help development go faster.