Please note

Be sure to be as detailed as possible! Tell us what you exactly did, so we can reproduce it.

Your operating system and your device / web browser you used is usually important as well.

Your feedback / issue report is very valuable to us.

We don't have the resources to test our Website on all devices and browsers, therefore we rely on you.

If you noticed an issue or want to express your feedback, you can do:

Report it on our Forum

  1. Visit the UGX-Mods Feedback category:
  2. Choose the UGX-Mods Forum board:
  3. Share your feedback with us
    1. A JIRA ( Ticket will be created then, so your report is directly connected with out development tool!
    2. You can see then the actual status and updates for it either on JIRA or on the Forum. (thumbs up)

Report it on Discord

Join our UGX Discord and post your feedback in #ugx-site-feedback.

Please note that it's mostly better to use the Forum - especially for longer reports - but it's totally fine to report trivial things or leave some feedback there.

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