Hello everyone,


I hope you're all enjoying Requiem.

Today I want to talk about the UGX Launcher. It has been quiet for a while now and I want to explain what exactly is going on.

UGX Launcher

The UGX Launcher is our upcoming flagship custom zombies application - and it's full of eye candy. A lot of time went into theme logic to enable a fully customized & modern looking application.
Since with the old framework (wxWidgets) many issues occurred, we moved to Qt and the application received a major rewrite and many great improvements and minor additions have been completed.


With our Designer Michael 'AoKMiKeY' Hillcox we were able to create a truly great looking new theme for the UGX Launcher.

I can also proudly say now, that we just hit our first internal release version of the UGX Launcher and the UGX team is now testing the application. The theme design concepts are completed, and we are starting to implement the theme into the actual application now.
Because this process takes a while (bug fixing, layout changes, theme related fixes) it's hard to say an estimate release version for donors. (we plan to make at least one version for donors exclusively soon!)

UGX Installer

Also, the UGXL Installer will be ported over and will receive it's long overdue update to be a truly installer (and working uninstaller).
Again, also this application will receive a well looking theme. The installation process will be also friendlier,

it will install for example any dependencies automatically, so a regular user doesn't has to worry about anything.


As soon as there is something to share of the new theme, a new blog update will be written. (smile)
I'm currently very busy polishing the application and adding a couple of missing additions to it.


The goal is to get a possible donors-exclusive release candidate ready around end of November.
(I most likely think it will be around mid December to be released to donors) 

With this release, I'm also looking forward to hear more feedback about the application,
since then the core should be rather stable and the development can be focused on new features and usability.  

Transparent Development

As usual, you can follow the development through the JIRA project:

All open tasks:

Active workload:

And the development dashboard:



Thanks for your time (wink)


Alexander 'Delta' Diller

Server Admin & Programmer


Update - 30 July 2015

We have currently a lot of internal things going on.
I had to spent quite some time on it, so the next UGX Launcher release won't make it till sunday.
The next estimate release date will be until 09 Aug 2015.

This should give us a bit more time to resolve internal issues and give me a bit more time to polish the application.

We are also in the end process for job applications as announced earlier this month.
I think we should have them out this weekend.

Thanks for your understanding.

( At the bottom is a Too Long Too Read section^^ )


Hey guys,

it’s been awhile, right? ;-)


You might wonder ( for a long time now ) what’s going on lately?

I'll go through the past issues, current issues and what the status is on most of our UGX Mods projects

( except of UGX Mod / Requiem as I'm not the Project Lead of it )

So first off all, free time was and still is a rare thing for me. ( and for the rest of the team )

And the server move at the beginning of 2015 and it’s maintenance eats a lot of time as well. ( which is an ongoing task )

So thanks for your patience ( or not ) - it’s time to talk about the future of UGX!

Status of each project:

UGX Launcher

So I finally took the step and moved from the GUI Framework wxWidgets to Qt.

Let me say this straight - it’s awesome and everyone, including me, will totally benefit from this move!

A bit history: ( oh gosh more wall of text?!)

I wanted to create a nice GUI for the UGX Launcher, UGX Installer, … - I tried it with wxWidgets ( I really did! ) and it took weeks to get it into the current state as it is. ( decent working / looking )

With Qt it took me two days ( with a warmup phase of a month, mostly reading docs because I had no time to even sit on my computer q.q ) and the result is better, faster and things which I couldn’t get done in wx were done in Qt instantly!


So the next version will look better and run with Qt - but - it might crash more often because moving from one framework to another usually doesn’t go without any bugs ;)

I also hope that I can deliver hotfixes and new improvements / updates faster in time.


But we do face currently a licensing issue. Qt has a commercial license with benefits for $350 USD / month per developer or a community license with restrictions and obligations.

We are having a huge discussion about how to handle the current licensing issue and what options we have. - Neither is perfect.

We face a financial issue - because the license is really expensive - and a legal / security issue because of the GNU LGPL license which we have to respect.

It's obvious, that we want to keep our work protected and making the UGXL to be open source would be a great thing for everyone - but I'm not ready yet to share all the secrets with everyone. ( It's like my little baby, programmers do know what I mean^^ )

We want that the UGX Launcher and it's other related applications are a part of UGX and "in house" developed.

I think we would loose some kind of identification and prestige if we would go open source.

We don't have the perfect solution yet. We are no experts, reading and understanding licensing terms is not a fun thing - but based on research now, it's look great for all of us!


If you might have taken a look recently on the development board, you'll notice that the next UGX Launcher release is schedule in two weeks.

It's a rough estimate and I hope I can fulfill it. It's looking great so far.


UGXL Dashboard

UGXL Agile

UGX Installer

Installer for the UGX Launcher. - Donators know it doesn’t look quite well but it works ( kinda^^ )

Once the internal test of the new UGX Launcher version is complete, I’ll port over the UGX Installer to Qt as well and improve it, as well as fix all known bugs.

UGX Play

It’s the webfrontend of the UGX Launcher. Donators could already see the awful frontpage on the UGX Launcher^^

It’s in an early stage and requires a lot of work. - Current effort was put into a map submit system. - Security was a big topic so I had to do client and server validation ( which should be always the case ! ) and setting things up took time.

The current setup will be deprecated soon. I’ll merge this into our new UGX Mods Homepage.

UGX MapPacker

A tiny application to make map uploads to the new UGX Play map system much easier.

Just select your map folder and everything else will be done by the application.

( Ok, all you need to do is give it some information ;) )

Needs to be ported over to Qt as well. - Otherwise it would be (almost) ready for release, but without UGX Play totally useless^^

UGX Usermenu

besides some improvements and usability additions it should serve as the bridge between all UGX Mods relates sites.

It’s also the container for the chat, so you can chat wherever you are ;)

This will be integrated into our new UGX Mods Homepage. - It won’t be available for the current one!

UGX Chat

It was delayed for such a long time. The original chat is now over 2 years old - O.O

Everyone knows the old chat had ( a lot of ) troubles - therefore I had to make sure that the new chat won’t suffer from the same mistakes and issues.


Therefore I started from scratch - on client & server side!

We had a working prototype already - but as other projects are more important ( UGX Launcher ) I had to pause it.

We are thinking about to release a standalone version once the UGX Launcher will have the Chat as well.

UGX Stats

This is the most interesting project - but also the one with the biggest chance to fail.

Combined with the UGX Launcher it should enable in-game stats tracking :OOO

I will start working on it once some other projects are done - this has no priority - but would be still freaking cool, right? =D

UGX GameLobby

Same as UGX Stats.

The idea is to have an online lobby created through the UGX Launcher for CoD: WaW.

Easy to find and invite people ;)

UGX ScriptingReference

Currently on hold. - I hope to finish it once I have a bit more time and other projects are going well.

UGX Mods Homepage

The June 2015 Survey showed us that we definitely need a new homepage.

We were considering this ( I think ) for over a year now, well I’m happy to say that we are in the planning phase ( what we need, resources, workload, roadmap, … )

I can say it will be awesome - but as with any other project - it will take time and it’s done when it’s done!

Anything else?

We are moving & extending our current wiki. We had this planned for a long time and are working on it slowly.

Also we will improve our "support options" - Usually if you have an issue, you would write a mail to and

either Andy 'treminaor' King or Alexander 'Delta' Diller would usually respond quickly.

We move soon to a better support system, with many benifits for both sides (wink)


As usual if we change something, we make a dedicated announcement, so be excited over the next few weeks for this and that (big grin)

We want YOU!

Soooo… we have a huge workload and this will take time. Especially with a limited work time per day.

We received a few questions / hints if UGX Mods is looking for new team members / help.

Well, it’s a bit tricky - you know, trust, reliability, motivation, ...


But we are considering it currently and we might write out some “job profiles” where ppl could apply soon.

( Actually we are just making sure it sounds right and setup system, guidelines etc. )

I think I don’t need to mention that this is a huge opportunity for talented people to be in a great team ;)

( We look for many positions: Scripter, Modder, Programmer, Web developer, Artists, ... there is plenty room to fill with awesome new people! )

Too Long Too Read (TL;TR)

Time is rare and that's why everything takes longer as it should.

The UGX Launcher and other apps will move to the Qt.

The next UGX Launcher update will be awesome, but might have more bugs / crashes.

The release of it might be already in two weeks!

UGX Installer and other application will benefit from the move to Qt as well!

We are currently planning our new UGX Mods Homepage, with many new features.

UGX might consider to look for new team members for various jobs soon.

Thanks for your time - stay tuned for the next UGX Launcher release.

Alexander 'Delta' Diller


Hello guys,

a new version of the UGX Launcher just went live.


The major install / remove bug is gone ( big sorry, was added unnoticed in last update )

As of now - a proper changelog is still in progress and will be most likely ready once UGX Launcher v0.51 donor beta is out.

UGX Launcher hotfix 5 changelog
UGX Launcher window can be better moved around now
Added window mode for waw option in settings
Improved scrollable windows
Improved theme API
Added TaskIcon


The next updates will improve the visual look and there will be some new additions & improvements.

As awlays, check to see what's going on (wink)


AS of now, I hope everyone can enjoy their winter holidays well (heart)

( And don't spent too much into the steam winter sales =D )



Greetings from Leipzig,


Alexander 'Delta' Diller

UGX Lancher hotifx 4

Update instructions

Apperently the updater has an issue, to fix this, choose one of these options below before you update

( otherwise the update will fail with an error )

Option 1: Remove <root>\Resources\themes\default\fonts\BebasNeue.ttf

Option 2: Uninstall & (Re)Install with UGX Installer.

Option 3: Or restart your computer and retry ( Not sure about this, might work! )


This issue won't happen again with further updates.

Thanks for your understanding.


Hey guys,


quick personal update update:

Apperently I'm really busy. So maintaining the UGX Launcher is currently really hard. ( and time consuming )


As you might have noticed already, a new update is available. ( hotifx 4 )

I hope that this is the last hotfix.^^ - Please keep sending crashes now again, so I can see if they are gone.



Unofficial changelog of hotfix 4
fixed many crashes during game start & end
fixed a couple of memory leaks.
various fixes for the self updater.


As soon as I have time i'll cleanup JIRA and make a proper roadmap and introduce new features and improvements over the next weeks (wink)


Thanks for your patience and happy gaming!





 Alexander 'Delta' Diller

Hey guys,


it's been a rough time since the UGX Donor beta of Requiem.


First of all, huge apologize about the rough start and delay of the beta and to those who can't start, authenticate, use or download Requiem.

I'm working asap on all known major issues.

If you have an issue with authentication contact me over

I try to respond asap. ( But please give me a bit time, it's currently a rough situation )


If you have issues, take a look at this: Known Issues and limitations


I'm working currently on fixes for all known issues ( especially the crash of the application )

As soon as all major issues have been resolved and everything calmed down a bit it will be time for improvements and additions to the UGX Launcher

( be sure to check the  UGX Launcher Dashboard: during this messy situation it's currently outdated )


I'm looking forward to resolve all issues as soon as possible.

One personal appeal

  • If you have an crash, give me at least a small description what happened.
  • If you notice an issue in the UGXL Installer contact me as well ( details are above )
  • If you have found and issue in the UGX Launcher, please, use the Report tool on the bottom left corner (more info: How to report a Bug or Feedback)


Thats it so far, be ready for the next hotifx soon.

Have a great weekend and hopefully some great time with UGX Requiem (wink)


  • Alexander 'Delta' Diller

Hello guys,


the UGX Launcher closed alpha started finally some days ago (wink)

I hope everyone had a good impression of what will be soon available to everyone.


Since this is an alpha, issues were most likely. Thats why the first hotfix is already out ( changelog of alpha v0.31 closed)

This will fix the two common crashes and a couple of other issues. (heart)


It's also still worth to mention, that the documentation has and will be constantly updated.

( Especially for those who don't have access yet it's interesting because the  UGX Launcher is explained in detail with images (big grin) )


Since this blog post is also linked to UGX Mods and is now revealed to everyone,

I would like to say Hello to everyone (wink) - Enjoy your stay.


I'll use this blog now for all my public / official conversations ( as I personally like confluence and the tools / text editor much much much .... much more ^^ )


I hope everyone is excited as I'm, more great features will be introduced soon.


- Alexander 'Delta' Diller



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