Date17 Nov 2016

Versionv0.8.0-rc.3 (rev 34, build 463)
Version ModeExperimental


Release Candidate 3 before Closed Beta

Important highlights from this release

  1. New major custom window logic, which is an unique standard system for all windows
  2. Added Notification Manager and replaced hard coded warnings / information with dynamic notifications (thumbs up)
  3. Support for new UGX Play
  4. Basic support for realtime information through UGX IO
  5. Improvements & Crash fixes (heart)

All updates for this release



This release introduced a couple of new features / additions, which need to be well tested to ensure it works with the rest of the application.

  • Please test all windows again, major changes might broke something
  • Please test the notification framework

In general, QA I need you to break the application.

Known issues

Tray Notifications will show up although the window is active. This is inteded for beta and will be disabled soon

Whats next?

Final testing and the we have Closed Beta state!