The UGX Launcher will be shipped with a crash reporter (called CrashRpt)


Once the application crashes, it will generate an Error Report which will be sent to the UGX Masterserver.

In this document you will understand what the crash reporter does, what data it gathers and sents to the UGX Masterserver.

If you click on "What does this report contain?" it will show you what will be uploaded:

( click on the file to see the content of it )


The Crash Report files are stored at



Why is the crash reporter needed?

The crash reporter is an important part for the alpha / beta of the UGX Launcher.

The UGX Launcher is a large software and there might be that case where it crashes.

Without the crash reporter, it would be really hard to reproduce this issue ( nearly almost impossible ! )

Also, usually normal users don't report the crash which leads to frustration for the user and no notifcation to the developer.


The crash reporer will take care of everything. Once the application crashes it gathers the important files, containing information why exactly the application crashed.

What data will be collected?

The following information does the crash reporter sent to the UGX Masterserver:

Please note, we take your privacy seriously and we try to do our best to keep this sensitive data secure and anonymous!

We will only use this data to improve our applications! Please refer to our Privacy Policy in the Legal section for more information.

Whats next after sending the crash report

Once the crash report was uploaded to our server, it will be reproduced by our automation build server.

The gathered build / crash report will then tell us exactly what happened and it will create a new bug ticket.

And hopefully, thanks to your report, it can be resolved very quickly to get rid of this crash.


Thanks to everyone who participates and uploads / reports crashes. (heart)(heart)(heart)