Date10 March 2019

Version Modeproduction (star)


First major update this year. We hope you all had a splendid start into 2019.

Introducing better mobile view for the forum board & message index (+ a few tweaks here and there) and a couple of fixes.
Additionally Google+ Sign-In has been replaced with Google Sign-In because of the immediate Google+ shutdown.

Important highlights from this release

All tickets for this release

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Known issues

Whats next?

We will listen to community feedback as usual (heart). The focus is now on stability and maintenance for a while.

There will be one feature release before we take a break from forum development. We will introduce reactions on post soon. You'll be able to add emojis / emotes (reactions) to forum posts (wink)

More time in the UGX Launcher and UGXPLAY will be spent and hopefully some new announcement about it will be made soon.

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